Heather's Top Priorities

Upholding the Law & Moving San Diego Forward

Commitment to Legal Integrity: Prioritizes the law over politics, ensuring unbiased legal enforcement and decision-making.

Independent Leadership: Proven ability to navigate through city dysfunction and stand up for what’s right.

Fighting Fraud and Protecting Taxpayers

Crackdown on Real Estate and Fraud Scams: Heather successfully stopped multi-million dollar scams defrauding taxpayers.

Guardian of Public Resources: Be a watchdog against waste, fraud, and inside political deals.

Strengthen the Consumer Protection Unit: Ensure effective use of taxpayer money and don’t accept “business as usual” as an excuse for wasteful practices.

Child Safety Plan

As leaders committed to the welfare of San Diego's youth, Heather Ferbert, Chief Deputy City Attorney, proposes a bold initiative to safeguard our children with the support of Shana Hazan, San Diego Unified School Board President. Recognizing the increasing threats to child safety, this plan is designed to address critical issues impactin

Stopping Gun Violence

Strengthening Red Flag Laws: Expand San Diego's Red Flag Gun Law to more effectively remove illegal guns from the streets.

Targeting Illegal Firearms: Focus on confiscating ghost guns and firearms from people who shouldn’t have them.

Housing Protection Unit

Increase Affordable Housing: Provide airtight legal advice to the city to stop frivolous lawsuits and project-killing delays.

Protect Existing Housing Supply: Crack down on illegal conversions and enforce the city’s short-term rental law.

Addressing Homelessness and Public Health

Homeless Encampment Clean-Up Laws: Wrote the law to clean up homeless encampments and added family shelters.

Comprehensive Homeless Strategies: Enforce the law and offer shelter to every homeless person in need. 

Mental Health Treatment: Work with law enforcement and behavioral health clinicians to fully implement CARE Court.

Protecting Vulnerable Populations

Safeguarding Children and Seniors: Protect children and seniors from domestic abuse and expand San Diego’s Family Justice Center

Supporting Women’s Rights: Defended San Diego women’s abortion rights, particularly following the reversal of Roe v. Wade.

Defending Constitutional Freedoms: Fight discrimination against racial minority groups, the LGBTQ community, and people with disabilities.

Keeping San Diego Safe

Equip Prosecutors for Success: Strengthen our justice system by ensuring prosecutors have the necessary tools and resources to effectively handle cases, prioritizing public safety and justice.

Stop Fentanyl: Aggressively go after illegal fentanyl dealers that are poisoning our kids and cut off the supply of drugs into our community.  

Protecting the Environment

Go After Corporate Polluters: Aggressively pursue legal action against corporations responsible for pollution, ensuring they are held accountable for their impact on the environment and public health.

Promote Sustainable Practices: Advocate for and enforce environmental laws that encourage sustainable development and protect our public lands for future generations to enjoy.