Heather's Top Priorities

Upholding the Law & Moving San Diego Forward

Commitment to Legal Integrity: Prioritizes the law over politics, ensuring unbiased legal enforcement and decision-making.

Independent Leadership: Proven ability to navigate through city dysfunction and stand up for what’s right.

Fighting Fraud and Protecting Taxpayers

Crackdown on Real Estate and Fraud Scams: Heather successfully stopped multi-million dollar scams defrauding taxpayers.

Guardian of Public Resources: Be a watchdog against waste, fraud, and inside political deals.

Strengthen the Consumer Protection Unit: Ensure effective use of taxpayer money and don’t accept “business as usual” as an excuse for wasteful practices.

Stopping Gun Violence

Strengthening Red Flag Laws: Expand San Diego's Red Flag Gun Law to more effectively remove illegal guns from the streets.

Targeting Illegal Firearms: Focus on confiscating ghost guns and firearms from people who shouldn’t have them.

Housing Protection Unit

Increase Affordable Housing: Provide airtight legal advice to the city to stop frivolous lawsuits and project-killing delays.

Protect Existing Housing Supply: Crack down on illegal conversions and enforce the city’s short-term rental law.

Addressing Homelessness and Public Health

Homeless Encampment Clean-Up Laws: Wrote the law to clean up homeless encampments and added family shelters.

Comprehensive Homeless Strategies: Enforce the law and offer shelter to every homeless person in need. 

Mental Health Treatment: Work with law enforcement and behavioral health clinicians to fully implement CARE Court.

Protecting Vulnerable Populations

Safeguarding Children and Seniors: Protect children and seniors from domestic abuse and expand San Diego’s Family Justice Center

Supporting Women’s Rights: Defended San Diego women’s abortion rights, particularly following the reversal of Roe v. Wade.

Defending Constitutional Freedoms: Fight discrimination against racial minority groups, the LGBTQ community, and people with disabilities.

Keeping San Diego Safe

Equip Prosecutors for Success: Strengthen our justice system by ensuring prosecutors have the necessary tools and resources to effectively handle cases, prioritizing public safety and justice.

Stop Fentanyl: Aggressively go after illegal fentanyl dealers that are poisoning our kids and cut off the supply of drugs into our community.  

Protecting the Environment

Go After Corporate Polluters: Aggressively pursue legal action against corporations responsible for pollution, ensuring they are held accountable for their impact on the environment and public health.

Promote Sustainable Practices: Advocate for and enforce environmental laws that encourage sustainable development and protect our public lands for future generations to enjoy.