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Meet Heather Ferbert

Chief Deputy City Attorney Heather Ferbert works every day to uphold the law, ensure city officials act justly and move all of San Diego forward. As City Attorney, Heather Ferbert will:


  • Launch the Housing Protection Unit to preserve the affordable housing we simply can’t afford to lose.

  • Be smart on crime, not just tough, by expanding the pioneering gun violence restraining order program.

  • Protect taxpayers and working families with a stronger consumer protection unit to go after financial scams, illegal pollution, and fair pay violations.

  • Always stand up for women whether that means going after domestic abusers, providing support to survivors, or defending the right to choose.

  • Uphold the law equally. Ensure city officials act justly. No favors.


San Diego needs a City Attorney we can trust to deliver urgent progress, not play politics. That’s Heather Ferbert.  


As Chief Deputy City Attorney, Heather has cracked down on wasteful spending, reformed city financial practices, cut through the red tape to build urgently needed affordable housing, and she leads the city’s legal team that advises the City Council and ensures city officials follow the law.  


Previously, Heather was an attorney for the Housing Commission and other public agencies.


For Heather, it’s always about making a real difference for the people – never politics. As Chief Deputy City Attorney, Heather delivered on some of the toughest challenges facing San Diego:

  • Wrote the law stopping evictions to keep all families safe at home when COVID first hit

  • Broke the gridlock to open emergency homeless shelters and new treatment centers

  • Saved taxpayers millions by putting a stop to wasteful city spending practices

  • Stood up for abortion rights by strengthening San Diego’s pro-choice protections after the Supreme Court ruling


An attorney for the people and a mother, Heather lives by her values of integrity, hard work, and leading by example. And she knows the struggles families and women often face because she’s lived them, working her way up in a male-dominated field while juggling career and family.

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Heather is a graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law. She’s active in the Lawyer's Club of San Diego, the women’s bar association, and is an adjunct professor at the San Diego School of Law. Heather trains new lawyers hoping to inspire them to careers in public interest and to be engaged members of the legal community. 


She lives in the Normal Heights neighborhood with her husband Andrew and their daughter.

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