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Heather Ferbert: Most Qualified

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Heather Ferbert for City Attorney

“San Diego deserves a qualified City Attorney who puts the law ahead of politics. I’m a Chief Deputy City Attorney. I’ve stopped fraud and opened emergency homeless shelters. I’ll take on domestic violence and illegal guns. I’ll protect taxpayers always. San Diego’s legal community supports me, but the most important endorsement is yours. I’d be honored to be your City Attorney.”

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Heather Ferbert for City Attorney

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Deputy City Attorneys Association

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City Attorney Mara Elliott

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San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board

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Upholding the Law & Moving San Diego Forward

Commitment to Legal Integrity: Prioritizes the law over politics, ensuring unbiased legal enforcement and decision-making.

Independent Leadership: Proven ability to navigate through city dysfunction and stand up for what’s right.

Fighting Fraud and Protecting Taxpayers

Crackdown on Real Estate and Fraud Scams: Heather successfully stopped multi-million dollar scams defrauding taxpayers.

Guardian of Public Resources: Be a watchdog against waste, fraud, and inside political deals.

Strengthen the Consumer Protection Unit: Ensure effective use of taxpayer money and don’t accept “business as usual” as an excuse for wasteful practices.

Child Safety Plan

As leaders committed to the welfare of San Diego's youth, Heather Ferbert, Chief Deputy City Attorney, proposes a bold initiative to safeguard our children with the support of Shana Hazan, San Diego Unified School Board President. Recognizing the increasing threats to child safety, this plan is designed to address critical issues impactin

Stopping Gun Violence

Strengthening Red Flag Laws: Expand San Diego's Red Flag Gun Law to more effectively remove illegal guns from the streets.

Targeting Illegal Firearms: Focus on confiscating ghost guns and firearms from people who shouldn’t have them.

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Latest Campaign Developments


Endorsement: Heather Ferbert for San Diego city attorney

The editorial board endorses Heather Ferbert for city attorney. She is much better-qualified and more likely to be an independent voice in a city government in perpetual need of such voices.


In San Diego city attorney candidates’ fight for key support, Mara Elliott endorses her chief deputy

Elliott said Wednesday that she was endorsing Ferbert to succeed her because of her experience and the issues Ferbert would prioritize.


Why We Need an Elected, Independent City Attorney

San Diego’s independent, elected city attorney has worked to protect the city’s finances and the public interest for nearly a century. Yet now, some city councilmembers want to strip voters of their power to elect San Diego’s chief legal advisor and eliminate the independence essential to the office’s mission of protecting taxpayers and putting residents first.

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